How to Block and Unblock an IP Address Or Domain Using the IP Deny Manager

Untapped traffic and quality visitors are the dreams of every webmaster. But sometimes it may happen that certain domains IP or malicious visitors start consuming a lot of bandwidth or making an effort to spam your site. You might also want to block visitors from a particular location. Whatever the reason, you can make use of the IP Deny Manager in cPanel to block or unblock IP addresses or domain names.

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Restrict domains IP from accessing your website:

Step # 1:

Open the cPanel interface. Now go to the Security section and click on lP Deny Manager. You can either block

1) A single IP Address or a domain

2) A range of specified IP addresses

3) All IP addresses starting with a certain number

Step # 2:

Now add the specific IP address or range of IP addresses and click on the ‘‘Add’’ button. It may ask you to confirm this action by opening a pop up screen. Click ‘‘OK’’ to verify the desired action. You will be navigated to a details page where all blocked IP addresses will be listed down. These IP addresses will no longer be able to access your website.

Allow domains IP to access your website:

You can also allow a certain blocked IP address or all blocked IP addresses to access your site.

Step # 1:

 Again, go to open IP Deny Manager from the security section via the cPanel interface. At the bottom of the page, you will see a list of all blocked IP address against a remove/cross button.

Step # 2:

Now, click the cross button against your desired IP address. This may ask you to confirm the selected action via a pop-up screen too, just like with the blocking of IP addresses. Click on the “OK” button to confirm this action. That particular IP address is now able to access your site.


There might be cPanel interface differences depending on the type of web hosting or your domain. But the core actions will remain the same as defined above.

Please note that it is also possible to block yourself accidentally. To prevent this from happening, make sure you first allow yourself access to your IP. You can do this by first finding out what you IP address is, and adding it to the white list.

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