Google and Domains Less than 6 Months Old

When you are doing professional work online or want to start an online business, you need to have a website or a blog from where you will be operating. You also need to give your website or blog a unique name which online users will be using whenever they want to access it. The name given to the site is called a domain name.

Where can you get a domain name? 

If you want to launch a website, you can come up with a domain name and buy it from the web hosting companies such as GoDaddy or Google at affordable prices.

How to purchase a domain name from Google

Google Domains are meant to make your online experience enjoyable. The process of acquiring your unique domain name from Google is simple. It takes just a few easy steps.

When you log into Google domain names, you need to select the name that you like and add it to your cart. Once you have added the domain name to your cart, you are required to enter your contact information. After you’re done with the registration, you cannot add an admin. However, after the domain name is in your account, you can go back and edit your contact information.

Payment for publishing your domain

After providing contact details, the next step would be to find a hosting company that can help you publish your website. You need to pay for the hosting service as well as the web design and development services. You can either chose to be paying your hosting company on a monthly basis or yearly basis.

You might be wondering how much Google charges to publish domains under 6 months old. Google domains sell domains at an annual rate. The price depends on the domain ending, for example, .com, .company, .org, etc. Google domains are not as expensive as some people might think. Google charges an approximate of $12 every year for a .com domain ending.

Renewing your Google domain

You can renew your domain manually before its expiry date, or you can wait for the domain to automatically renew at the time of expiry.

You can also register your domain for up to 10 years in advance.


Once you have paid for your Google domain name, you can quickly and easily build a website with your preferred web hosting companies such as Wix, Godaddy, Shopify and more.

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