How Long Does It Take to Get To the First Page of Google?

Everyone wants their domain name to be at the top page of search engines, but trust me; it’s not an easy task. Getting at the top of the page depends on numerous factors such as your budget, skills, competition and the age of the domain. There is no magical formula, and you have to be patient to get your website name at the top. Below, we have listed some important factors that determine the time taken for any new domain to achieve its dream of being on the top page of search engines.

Age of your domain

It isn’t a piece of cake to make the search engine companies convinced that your website deserves to be in the top list. Typically, until 6 months of your domain name being active online, it’s considered new. After that, you can experience some good sort of traffic on your website through the search engines.

Usually, the top positions in the list are grasped by active domains. However, if you’re a start-up or a small business owner getting started, you need to work hard to move up the ranks.

Clean Domain

‘‘Clean domain’’ means that search engines have not penalized your website. Google penalty occurs when a said website has been partially or entirely removed from engine search rankings or even Google index, due to a policy violation.

You can check for algorithmic penalties by logging into Google Analytics. This way, you can find out if Google sees you as a trusted and reliable brand.

Competition for the Keywords

In this competitive scenario, it is crucial to look for the most relevant Keyword in your niche, and not just the most popular ones. You can find a good SEO agency to help you with keyword selection, which will ultimately help your domain reach the first search engine pages.

Content quality

Also, the website content, title, length and publishing consistency are other important aspects to consider. With your unique expertise and focus, you can land yourself at the top of the search engine pages.


It is therefore evident that moving up the ranks doesn’t happen overnight, particularly for small businesses with no or little web presence. The process can be frustrating but don’t worry. As long as you’re doing everything right what would deter you from ranking higher in months to come?

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